02. overview

What is CryptoStart?

CryptoStart is a marketing agency which help the ICO's/Startup's to gain Crypto User trust with the help of expertise. In today's word of Startup's/ICO markets main concern is of marketing that how an idea or project reach to Suitable Peoples that what CryptoStart do. We make the approach to investors by using various suitable sources and arrange events tickets and speakers for project which boost the trust of investors towards Project.

03. Capitalization

CryptoStart Market Expenditure

CryptoStart Expenditure is based on packages we are given in our Service Page in which we gave ICO's right to choose that which type of services they want & we execute our marketing process accordingly. An average result our company gave to ICO's is over 50% of their total sale.
The market expenditure is totally based on how big project are and how much they want to spent on marketing average Startup's should have to spent over 2% of their total expected sale. Accordingly we show here a static presentation of an average company wants a collection of $10 million they should have to spent at least 2% of their total sale and get a boostable result of over 50%.
The most depending factor is ICO's/Startup's ideology. The marketing strategies is also works accordingly to startup's ideology. Sometimes investors are more than total sale's of work because of ICO's great ideas with well executed marketing.

Average ICO Collection through Marketing
Average ICO Collection Over Marketing Expenditure
Average Marketing Expenditure
Remaining Path
04. features

Why Use CryptoStart?

05. additional resources

Need More Help?

CryptoStart wants to make a healthy and trustful relation. If you have any doubt regarding our company you could have to see our video & for further help you are free to ask any question on our "ask the community" page by clicking below buttons.

06. Network

Growing Global

CryptoStart is rapidly gaining popularity among crypto community. We reached 100k+ investors which are increasing day by day & we had recently increase our editorial staff for PR content & recently added Airdrop promotion feature. Now, Airdrop also promoted in Gold, Diamond & custom Packages.


07. Investors Source

Different Sources

Press Release Publications (PR)25%
E-mail Marketing & Social Media Promotions25%
Telegram Channels Promotions10%
Banner ads15%
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